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Blackwood River Walk

Blackwood River Walk


Directions - From the centre of Bridgetown head south along South Western Hwy over the bridge and turn left into the Blackwood River Park. The start of the walk is at the base of the old wooden bridge and heads in an easterly direction.


The Hike - After a lovely hike at Boyup Brook taking in the Skeleton Bridge Walk, the goal for the day was to make my way down to Walpole. Originally I had planned to take in a couple of walks around Walpole I'd previously done just to update the photos on the website but when I was passing through Bridgetown I decided to instead take in a trail that had been on my to-hike list for quite a while. The trail in question as you can probably guess is the Blackwood River Walk and it's exactly as advertised, a walk along the river in Bridgetown. This was always a walk I had planned to do in combination with a few more around the area but having completed most of the existing trails near here, it never made sense to drive all the way out for one walk, even when I had been visiting my family in Funbury.

Given I had to drive through Bridgetown to get to Walpole and with nothing to do in the day except hike and drive, now was the perfect time. Making things much better was the emergence of some dark clouds that would provide some more even lighting to proceedings. Parking up in the Blackwood River Park, I decided to walk this one without my day pack and just meander along the path with just my camera and my thoughts. I started at the main traffic bridge that crosses the Blackwood River as I wanted some shots of the old wooden beams that exude a lot of country charm. Immediately I was pleased with how much bird life was around with a Pacific Black Duck splashing around in the middle of the river, a Eurasian Coot feeding it's adorable little chicks in a shallow pool and some bigger Mallard Ducks having a wander on the banks of the river. From the area close to the bridge you can look all the way upriver with the tranquil tree-lined water making for a lovely scene. I joined the paved path near the car park again and headed east to pick up the trail, passing under some metal Black Cockatoo sculptures hiding in the trees. This first section leading towards the foot bridge 600m into the walk is a really pleasant part with several lots of steps leading into the water and some nice reflections of the trees on the opposite bank.

Departing the car park area, you continue along the pavement until the foot bridge comes into view. This is a great vantage point to look back down the river and get some cool shots of the traffic bridge reflecting off the surface of the water. Crossing over to the other side of the river, I was looking forward to a peaceful meander through the lush forest that lined the banks. As I joined the path on the other side, I spotted a bright Blue Fairy Wren flittering away on a nearby post. Normally they are pretty skittish birds that don't stay still for very long so I quickly focused my camera and started snapping away. The beautiful boy actually did a few different poses for me and I was able to creep forward a fair way until it decided that I was too close and flew off. With that cool interaction in the bag so early, I was in a chipper mood as I continued on. With a winding path ahead of me and the winter greens of the non-native grasses providing a lush feel, this was turning out to be better than I expected. Some lovely old trees had survived the chop that usually comes with the creation of a town and not being in an area that would be burnt for safety reasons, had a lovely soft grey texture (Jarrah) or tough cracked bark (Marri).