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Blackwood River Walk Bridgetown

Blackwood River Walk


Directions - From the centre of Bridgetown head south along South Western Hwy over the bridge and turn left into the Blackwood River Park. The start of the walk is at the base of the old wooden bridge and heads in an easterly direction.


The Hike - After a lovely hike at Boyup Brook taking in the Skeleton Bridge Walk, the goal for the day was to make my way down to Walpole. Originally I had planned to take in a couple of walks around Walpole I'd previously done just to update the photos on the website but when I was passing through Bridgetown I decided to instead take in a trail that had been on my to-hike list for quite a while. The trail in question as you can probably guess is the Blackwood River Walk and it's exactly as advertised, a walk along the river in Bridgetown. This was always a walk I had planned to do in combination with a few more around the area but having completed most of the existing trails near here, it never made sense to drive all the way out for one walk, even when I had been visiting my family in Funbury.