Cape to Cape Track
Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

Cape Naturaliste

Cape Leeuwin


5 campsites
4 Towns

5-9 days

Along with the Bibbulmun Track, the Cape to Cape is one of best multi-day hikes you can do in Western Australia. Running from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse on the northern end of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge all the way down to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse on the southern tip. In-between you'll experience some beautifully rugged coastline packed with wildflowers, orchids, native fauna, arduous beach sections, stunning forest and a number of creek crossings. With plenty of towns and small holiday villages along the way, you're never far away from experiencing some of the great produce, wines and hospitality that Australia's South West is famous for. This is a truly world-class part of Western Australia and the Cape to Cape should be on every avid hiker's bucket list of trails to experience. 

C2C - Yallingup-128.jpg

Length - 14.1km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 210m

Campsite - Track Town

Highlights - Sugarloaf Rock, Wildflowers 

C2C - Yallingup-56.jpg
C2C - Moses Rock-56.jpg
C2C - Moses Rock-141.jpg

Length - 23.4km 

Time - 6-10 hours

Vertical Climb - 557m

Campsite - Moses Rock

Highlights - Canal Rocks, Injidup Spa, Quinninup Falls

C2C - Ellensbrook-136.jpg

Length - 19.1km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 355m

Campsite - Ellensbrook

Highlights - Wilyabrup Cliffs, Gracetown, Meekadarabee Falls

C2C - Ellensbrook-49.jpg
C2C - Prevelly-66.jpg
C2C - Prevelly-119.jpg

Length - 10.3km 

Time - 3-4 hours

Vertical Climb - 208m

Track Town - Prevelly

Highlights - Margaret River Crossing, Kilcarnup Beach, Ellensbrook

C2C - Contos-187.jpg

Length - 18.2km 

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 397m

Campsite - Contos

Highlights - Boodjidup Brook, Bob's Hollow, Contos Cliffs

C2C - Contos-148.jpg
C2C - Hamelin Bay-66.jpg
C2C - Hamelin Bay-206.jpg

Length - 22.4km 

Time - 5-9 hours

Vertical Climb - 333m

Campsite - Hamelin Bay

Highlights - Boranup Forest, Hamelin Bay

C2C - Deepdene-132.jpg

Length - 8.8km 

Time - 2-3 hours

Vertical Climb - 159m

Campsite - Deepdene

Highlights - Blowholes, Elephant Rock Beach

C2C - Deepdene-75.jpg
C2C - Cape Leeuwin-123.jpg
C2C - Cape Leeuwin-101.jpg

Length - 15.7km 

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 209m

Finish - Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Highlights - Deepdene Beach, Augusta Cliffs, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

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