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Tolmer Creek Walk Litchfield

Tolmer Creek Walk

Litchfield National Park

Directions - Located just over an hour south of Darwin, take Stuart Hwy south until you reach the turnoff for Batchelor Rd. Follow the Litchfield NP signs all the way through Batchelor and Rum Jungle until you reach Tolmer Falls Rd. The car park for the walk is at the end of this road.

The Hike - With a great start to our Litchfield day trip after a visit to Florence Falls, the next destination on the agenda was Tolmer Falls and more specifically for me, the Tolmer Creek Walk. Located a short drive through the park from Florence Falls, I was hoping that the crowds for Tolmer Falls would be significantly less than what we experienced at Florence Falls. Given that you can't swim at Tolmer Falls, that might have lessened a certain type of tourist but with a couple of spectacular lookouts located not far from the car park, there would still be crowds. We drove along the sealed road that leads through the park and followed the signs leading to the main car park (a short drive from the road).