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Walks in Fremantle

Walks Around Fremantle

Fremantle is a unique little coastal city nestled on the banks of the Swan River and the shores of the Indian Ocean. As one of the oldest settlements in Australia, it is full of historic buildings and significant landmarks. As time went by Fremantle welcomed various groups of settlers that added their own identity to the melting pot that makes Fremantle the place it is today.


My aim with this series of local walking trails is to showcase Fremantle, a place I call home, with a fun way to explore the sights and also get some exercise under your belt. Pack up the car with the kids, the dog and a sense of adventure and head to the Fremantle area.

Walks near Fremantle

Booyeembara Park

Length - 1.6km 

Vertical Climb - Flat 

Time - 1 Hour

A rehabilitated piece of land on the edge of Fremantle, explore a network of trails running through a mixture of grass, native vegetation and a man made lake. Bring the bike and check out the new MTB runs as an added bonus.

East Fremantle (47).jpg

East Fremantle River Walk

Length - 5.0km 

Vertical Climb - 63m

Time - 2 Hours

Exploring the banks of the Swan River in East Fremantle, walk past local icons like the Left Bank and Leeuwin Barracks before heading back via the limestone cliffs on the Niergarup Track.

Walks Around Fremantle

Fremantle City Walk

Length - 3.0km 

Vertical Climb - Flat

Time - 1 Hour

Taking you through the heart of Fremantle and visiting all the locations that make this port city so special, take your time to visit the cafes, shops and restaurants as you sightsee.

Walk Ideas Near Fremantle

Monument Hill Loop

Length - 2.4km 

Vertical Climb - 41m

Time - 1 Hour

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Fremantle, Monument Hill is the site of the Fremantle War Memorial. Take a walk around the area to get a feel for life in suburban Fremantle.

Walks in North Fremantle

North Fremantle River & Beach Walk

Length - 6.0km 

Vertical Climb - 118m

Time - 2 Hours

Exploring the rugged limestone cliffs along the Swan River before heading to the ocean for a gentle walk around Leighton Beach, this is the best way to experience North Fremantle.

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