Three Capes Lodge Walk

Three Capes Lodge Walk

Tasman National Park

Welcome to the Three Capes Lodge Walk, a four day, 47km luxury experience on the Tasman Peninsula located on the South-East corner of Tasmania. One of Tasmania's Great Walks, this scenic hike provides a great opportunity to see this amazing part of the country. Run by the Tasmanian Walking Company, stay in custom built environmentally aware lodges at the end of each day's hike with knowledgeable guides providing a great experience.


Hiking on the Tasman Peninsula can be experienced a few ways from the free day hikes starting at Fortescue Bay (or overnight staying at Wughalee Falls) to the four day public hut offering on the Three Capes to the full luxury Three Capes Lodge Walk. 

Listen to the Real Trail Talk podcast we did on the Three Capes to hear more about this four day adventure.

Length - 6km (One Way)

Time - 2-3 hours

Vertical Climb - 199m

Highlights - Denmans Cove, Crescent Lodge

Length - 10.4km (One Way)

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 388m

Highlights - Arthurs Peak, Munro Bight

Length - 13.9km (Return)

Time - 3-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 400m

Highlights - Cape Pillar, The Blade

Length - 17km (Return)

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 767m

Highlights - Mount Fortescue, Cape Hauy