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Florence Falls on the Shady Creek Walk

Shady Creek Walk | Florence Falls

Litchfield National Park

Directions - Located just over an hour south of Darwin, take Stuart Highway south until you reach the turnoff for Batchelor Road. Follow the Litchfield National Park signs all the way through Batchelor and Rum Jungle until you reach Buley Florence Road. The car park for Florence Falls is at the end of this road.

The Hike - With a family trip to Darwin planned as part of Caris' grandmother's 90th birthday, there was time set away for visiting the popular Litchfield National Park, located just over an hour south of the Northern Territory's capital city. Our second last day in the NT was chosen as the date and with a convoy of two cars we all loaded up and drove out to the agreed meeting point near Batchelor, the closest town to the park. Being the dry season, the temperature would be a pleasant 31C with little to no chance of rain expected. Unfortunately that means it is peak tourist season so we would be joined by the masses at each stop as evidenced in the photos (even though I was very selective). With some morning tea refreshments under our belt at the Litchfield Tourist Park we headed off to the first of a few stops during the day, Florence Falls (via the Magnetic Termite Mounds).