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Lower Cascades Walk in Litchfield National Park

Lower Cascades Walk

Litchfield National Park

DirectionsEntering Litchfield from the Batchelor end, drive along Litchfield Park Road all the way past Wangi Falls and the Litchfield Safari Park. The Cascades car park is well signed and there is a small area to park near the trail head, otherwise the edge of the access road can be used as overflow parking during peak times.   

The Hike - With a brief flythrough of Litchfield National Park on the agenda today as we travelled from Darwin to Katherine, the Cascades area was the second stop I had planned. Having missed out on visiting the northern day hikes of Litchfield on our previous visit in 2019, I had returned to experience the Walker Creek Walk and hopefully the Cascades Circuit. Time was against us and asking Caris to do the exposed Upper Cascades Walk in the heat of the day would be a bridge too far so in the end I decided that the Lower Cascades Walk would be the best option.