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Mount Trio Stirling Range National Park

Mount Trio

Stirling Range National Park

Directions - From Chester Pass Rd that divides the Stirling Range head north until you reach Formby Road South. Turn left and keep going until the left turn for Mount Trio Access. Take this until you reach the car park at the end. The trail head is located at the information board.

The Hike - The Stirling Range National Park, located 100kms north of Albany, is a real treasure of the South West and well worth a visit to scale the impressive peaks we just don't get in Perth. My plans were to use the Stirling Range as the first leg of a week long road trip in the state's south to celebrate becoming a DPaW Park Explorer but battery charging issues forced me to cut my trip short. Thankfully I started here as I received a warm welcome (literally) by the mountains and had a great time enjoying some of the other walks not named Bluff Knoll that this area is famous for. Leaving early in the morning on a sunny Saturday I headed down Albany Highway, past Mt Cooke and four hours later I could finally see the Stirling Range. I arrived from the northern entry as Mount Trio was my first conquest of the day and I wanted to see what it looked like from the caravan park that it lends its name to.