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Balingup to Donnelly River Bibbulmun Track

Balingup to Donnelly River

Bibbulmun Track




2-3 Days


Donnelly River

Date Hiked

September 2018




2 Total



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People 

Moving into the transitional zone between the Jarrah and Karri forest, this section has a lot of variety on offer. While the campsite at Blackwood is a shadow of its former self after the 2013 Southampton bushfires, it still offers sunset views that rival some of the campsites in the Darling Range. As you move further towards Donnelly River you will notice the forest start to change as the magic of the Karri forest takes hold. Finishing at the picturesque village of Donnelly River, enjoy a rest amongst the tall trees and makes friends with the local wildlife. 

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