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Mount Wellington Summit

Pinnacle Circuit

Mount Wellington | Kunanyi

Directions - Located 20 minutes from the centre of Hobart, take the A6 and then Huon Rd towards Mount Wellington. Snake up this road for a while until you see the sign pointing you up towards the summit of Mount Wellington. The Springs is located on Pinnacle Road before the summit with the Lost Freight Café at the trail head.

Warning - The Zig Zag Track is closed from January 2023 until upgrade work has finished around the middle of the year. See this page for more details. Please plan your hike accordingly. 

The Hike - To finish what had been a lowkey year of adventure in 2022, a trip to Tasmania was planned to finally hike the South Coast Track. With the aviation industry struggling thanks to constant staff shortages due to illness, I gave myself a couple of days before the start of the South Coast Track just in case my flight was delayed, as we experienced in July coming back from Darwin.