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The Neck and Truganini Lookout on Bruny Island

The Neck and Truganini Lookout

Bruny Island

Directions - Located on North Bruny Island, after catching the ferry from Kettering, drive along Bruny Island Main Road for 18.5km. The car park for The Neck is well signed as you approach the narrow strip of land between North and South Bruny Island. Head up the wooden steps on the north side of the car park to reach the boardwalk. 

The Walk - One of the most iconic features of Bruny Island is the small strip of land called The Neck that separates the North Island to the South Island. Home to the famous Little Penguins that come home to their nests every night during the summer period, the hills of The Neck is also home to thousands of Shearwaters that arrive just before the penguins. When the wildlife isn't returning home, there is a great lookout on top of the hill, providing excellent views over both islands, and even across to Hobart.