Salmon Bay Rottnest Island

Salmon Bay

Rottnest Island

Directions - Salmon Bay is located on the south side of Rottnest Island and is accessible by taking the regular bus service and getting off at Stop #7. Alternatively you can ride your bike by taking Parker Point Rd along the southern coast from the main settlement.

The Day - In what is becoming an annual tradition for the birthday of Deputy Assistant Regional Trails Experience Manager Aron (aka 1A1R), a day over at Rottnest Island was booked for the event. This is the third year of such festivities after doing the Wardan Nara Bidi in 2017 and Little Salmon Bay and Parker Point in 2019. With no more walking trails to do on the Wadjemup Bidi and a larger crew than usual, it was decided that a sea bike tour and a snorkel would be the main activities for the day. On what was forecast to be a lovely day of weather with sunny skies and light winds (for Perth), we met up in the morning and caught the ferry over. After a visit to the famous Rottnest Bakery we headed down to Thomson Bay for some beach cricket while we waited for the start time of our first activity.