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Mount Frankland Walpole

Mount Frankland

Mount Frankland National Park

Directions - From the centre of Walpole, head north on North Walpole Road all the way to Mount Frankland Road. Take a turn here and follow the signs all the way to the car park. The trail starts from the new information structure.

The Hike - Mount Frankland was a hike I first did in Christmas 2016 and I have extremely fond memories of that day (you can view that post here). Unfortunately in the process of transferring photos between computers and hard drives, I accidently deleted all the raw images from that trip a couple of years ago. With my 2020 Spring Road Trip taking me to the Walpole area, I decided to re-visit Mount Frankland as I made my way down from Funbury via Skeleton Bridge and the Bridgetown River Walk. With the weather rolling in I was hoping to reach this lovely hike before it hit and also with enough light to be able to photograph it properly. Arriving at the car park at 4:30pm, I found I was the only one there and that the lighting was getting very dim.