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Forests Full of Trails

Nestled right in the middle of some of the best Karri forests of the South West, Pemberton has long been a favourite for holiday makers looking to spend time in nature. Home to some of the tallest flowering trees in the world (some of which you can climb to the top), there is a wealth of amazing spots to explore. Being a track town for both the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail, Pemberton is well equipped to service trail users with accommodation, food and some new hospitality businesses. 

For day hikers, mountain bikers or families looking for activities to entertain the troops, Pemberton has plenty of options. From long half day loops to short nature experience, picturesque camping spots and an extensive mountain bike park, this is a fantastic spot to setup for a long weekend of trail adventures.


With the facilities only getting better and the town embracing trails, Pemberton is perfect for a cosy trip in the stunning South West.


Check out the range of hiking trails near Pemberton by scrolling down to the trail list, along with the sections of the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail leading in and out of town.

If you're looking for a physical guidebook to the hiking trails in the area, and all around the South West, check out my online store for my recently published book.

Day Hikes Around Pemberton

Forest Hikes near Pemberton

100 Year Forest

Length - 1.1km 

Vertical Climb - Flat

Time - 30 Mins

Exploring an old wheat farm that was abandoned in 1875 and left to regenerate into the forest you see today, this is an example of how the land can recover over time.

Best Hiking Trails near Pemberton

Beedelup Falls Walk Trail

Length - 4.5km 

Vertical Climb - 173m

Time - 1-2 Hours

An enjoyable loop trail taking in the popular Beedelup Falls along with a hike through the stunning Karri Forest around Beedelup Lake, this is a stunning part of Western Australia.

Best Walk Trails near Pemberton

Big Brook Dam

Length - 4.2km 

Vertical Climb - 95m

Time - 1-2 Hours

A man made lake just out of town, Big Brook Dam is the perfect picnic spot with a relaxing walk around the edge of the lake showcasing the excellent Karri Forest.

Karri Forest Hikes near Pemberton

Gloucester Route

Length - 9.7km 

Vertical Climb - 291m

Time - 1-2 Hours

Explore the stunning Karri Forests around East Brook and Gloucester National Park, this loop trail takes you up and down the hills near the famous Gloucester Tree.

Walk Trails near Pemberton in Western Australia

Goblin Swamp Walk

Length - 2.3km 

Vertical Climb - 34m

Time - 1 Hour

Starting at the Snottygobble Loop Campsite along Carey Brook, explore the wildflower filled forest on your way to the collection of ancient paperbarks at Goblin Swamp.

Short Walks near Pemberton

Lefroy Brook Walk trail

Length - 1.5km 

Vertical Climb - 59m

Time - 30-45 Mins

Showcasing the popular tourist spot at the Cascades, this short loop trail takes you along the picturesque Lefroy Brook before a visit through the stunning Karri Forest.

Great Hikes near Pemberton

Warren River Loop trail

Length - 11.8km 

Vertical Climb - 319m

Time - 3-5 Hours

One of the best day hikes in Western Australia and a great representation of the Pemberton area, the Warren River Loop Trail is a classic combination of Karri Forest, River Views and Wonderful Fungi.

Unique Hikes near Pemberton

Yeagarup Dunes Walk

Length - 3.8km 

Vertical Climb - 70m

Time - 1 Hour

A surreal meeting of inland sand dunes and forest, the Yeagarup Dunes Walk provides a stunning variety of landscapes to experience on this 3.8km return hike.

Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest Galore

Karri Forest on the Bibbulmun Track near Pemberton

Beedelup to Pemberton

Length - 24.2km 

Vertical Climb - 390m

Time - 6-9 Hours

Experience farmland, Karri Forests, lakes, rivers and more on this excellent day of walking heading into Pemberton from the Beedulup Campsite to finish a stretch of walking from Donnelly River Village.

Warren River on the Bibbulmun Track

Pemberton to Warren

Length - 21.0km 

Vertical Climb - 608m

Time - 5-8 Hours

Heading deep into the Karri Forest, this day sees you explore some of the best scenery near Pemberton along with a meander along the mighty Warren River.

Munda Biddi Trail
Cycling Through the Forests

Munda Biddi Trail near Pemberton

Quinninup to Pemberton

Length - 39.3km 

Vertical Climb - 660m

Time - 3-5 Hours

Taking you from the small hamlet of Quinninup through the Karri Forest and around the wineries and farmland surrounding Pemberton, this is another enjoyable day on the Munda Biddi.

Cycling the Munda Biddi near Pemberton

Pemberton to Northcliffe

Length - 45.2km 

Vertical Climb - 642m

Time - 3-5 Hours

One of the best days on the entire 1065km Munda Biddi, this ride will take you through some excellent forest, mixed in with farmland and fantastic old rail formations.

Mountain Biking

Pemby Pools

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

Different Tracks - 33 

Difficulty - Green to Black

Time - A short ride to all day on the trails

Offering up a range of different trails, the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is located close to town and caters from beginners to those looking for more thrills.

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