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Karri Forest Pemberton


Forests Full of Trails

Nestled right in the middle of some of the best Karri forests of the South West, Pemberton has long been a favourite for holiday makers looking to spend time in nature. Home to some of the tallest flowering trees in the world (some of which you can climb to the top), there is a wealth of amazing spots to explore. Being a duel track town for both the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi, Pemberton is well equipped to service trail users with accommodation, food and some new hospitality businesses. 

For day hikers, mountain bikers or families looking for activities to entertain the troops, Pemberton has plenty of options. From long half day loops to short nature experience, picturesque camping spots and an extensive mountain bike park, this is a fantastic spot to setup for a long weekend of trail adventures. With the facilities only getting better and the town embracing trails, Pemberton is perfect for a cosy trip in the stunning South West.

Day Hikes Around Pemberton

Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest Galore