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Jarrah Forest on the Munda Biddi near Collie

Yarri to Collie Junction

Munda Biddi Trail


Yarri Hut


2-3 Hours


Collie Junction

Date Ridden

26th August 2021





Traditional Custodians

Kaniyang People

The Ride - After a few days of sunny weather riding from Carinyah to Yarri Campsite, we finally got some rain worth writing home about as the afternoon set in. I love being in camp when it's raining, relaxing under the tin roof and listening to the sound of the pitter patter. Spending the night playing Yahtzee and then having a very long snozzle, it wouldn't be long until we were on the middle stretch of the track where you ride from town to town enjoying creature comforts every night. Waking up to a drizzly morning, I laid in my toasty sleeping bag like a burrito and enjoyed the last of the warmth before getting up and getting ready for the day.