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100 Year Forest Pemberton

100 Year Forest


DirectionsFrom the centre of Pemberton, head east along Vasse Highway, taking a left turn after 2.2km onto Pemberton Road North. Follow this for 7.1km until you reach a left turn for Smiths Road where a small 100 Year Forest sign is located. Drive down the unsealed Smiths Road for 2.3km until you reach the left turn for entry road for the 100 Year Forest. Continue down this road for 700m until you reach the car park and gazebo for the trail. 

The Hike - Sometimes all it takes is a sign. Not a lifechanging metaphorical sign but just a plain old metal sign on the side of the road. Back in March of 2022, I was on a holiday with my partner in Pemberton and as we were driving along Vasse Highway, I noticed a pretty innoxious road sign pointing off the highway towards a place called 100 Year Forest. We didn't visit on that trip but I kept a mental note that next time I was in the area, I would investigate. With my plans already changed for this day of a spring 2022 road trip, I thought I would check out this 100 Year Forest on my way back from the Four Aces Walk