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Hiking the South West of Western Australia

Hiking the South West of WA

Forests, Rivers, Mountains and Beaches

Home to a globally recognised biodiversity hot spot, the forests, beaches and mountains of the South West of WA provide a rich and unique environment to explore. The best way to get out in nature is by experiencing one of the many hiking, walking, cycling or snorkeling trails that are found all throughout the South West. 
The tradition of a down south trip is a big part of Western Australian culture and made all the better by exploring the world class attractions on foot. You'll be amazed at what you can see only by reaching a destination by hiking or biking so get out there and give it a go.


From the mountains of the Stirling Range to the coastal scenery of the South Coast to the towering Karri forests of Pemberton, this is one of my favourite areas to visit.


I've also written a guidebook to the Best Walks of South West WA through Woodslane Press and you can order your copy here.
Check out the list of trails in the South West below and enjoy exploring the region. Let me know in the comments section your favourite hiking trails in the South West.

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