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Organ Pipes Circuit Mount Wellington

Organ Pipes Circuit

Mount Wellington

Directions - Located 20 minutes from the centre of Hobart, take the A6 and then Huon Rd towards Mount Wellington. Snake up this road for a while until you see the sign pointing you up towards the summit of Mount Wellington. The Springs is located on Pinnacle Road before the summit with the Lost Freight Café near the trail head.

The Hike - With the Three Capes Lodge Walk finished it was decided we would stick around Hobart for a few days and visit Caris' sister as she lived just out of the city centre (everything in Hobart is 20 minutes away). Given they are lucky to have a mountain plonked on the side of the CBD with some epic views of the Derwent River and surrounding hills, it would be a shame if I didn't explore the area and get in a few hikes. After a couple of days of chilling out and doing tourist stuff around Hobart I decided to check out one of the walks that I had been looking forward to doing ever since we had planned the trip over, the Organ Pipes Circuit.