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Baldwin's Bluff

Baldwin's Bluff

Serpentine National Park

Directions - Located in Serpentine National Park, Baldwin's Bluff is an hour's drive from Perth and is located off South Western Highway. Follow the signs from the main road and beware of the opening/closing times for the gates. 

The Hike - In 2020 I've put aside some time to re-hike some old trails and give the pages a good refresh of photos that truly reflect the experience. As part of this I spent the morning hiking Kitty's Gorge with a side trip up to Baldwin's Bluff, totalling about 24km in the day. If you have the legs for it then it's a great combo and provides some extra perspective of the Serpentine River Valley that you wouldn't get just hiking Kitty's Gorge on it's own. With a busy car park full of day trippers enjoying Serpentine Falls, I avoided the crowds and discreetly made my way to the start point of trail, located on the south eastern side of the day use area. I wasn't alone as a couple of guys also started at the same time and being a warm day I was intrigued by the outfit choice of one (basically a thick tracksuit). 

I let them get a little way ahead so I didn't have them in all my photos, instead concentrating on shooting the first of many varieties of wildflowers I would find along the trail. My only two visits to this trail have occurred in early autumn so were not the ideal time of year given the lack of wildflowers. Keen to experience the trail in all its glory, little did I know how great it would be all the way to the top. Initially though you follow a wide vehicle track that previously I had come across a lone kangaroo. With high traffic on the trail, this was unlikely so my gaze shifted to the undergrowth in search of wildflowers and it wasn't hard to find them. Apart from the common Golden Buttercup, I found some beautifully scented Karri Hazel and the striking looking Lemon Scented Darwinia. Also hiding in the leaves were a couple of late season fungi that had survived through the winter. As I was finishing taking photos on my hands and knees, a couple passed me coming down and wondered what all the fuss was. As I looked back they were on the side of the trail where I was with phones out taking photos. It's so easy to miss the details even if you're paying attention, I found the same thing coming back down, being unable to located orchids I'd seen on the way up.  

Rounding a corner and exiting the vehicle track, you are pointed up the hill by an old wooden sign and this is where the climbing begins. As it was getting quite warm I was glad to find the trail somewhat sheltered from the sun and the temperature noticeably dropped as you entered the thick Karri Hazel dominated undergrowth. The rocky path leading up the hill means that for the most part you won't have the stable footing you get on a regular single track but this is just a minor inconvenience. As seen from Kitty's Gorge, this area is home to a few mature She-Oak trees that at the time of my visit had the male flowers in bloom (orange fluff that grows near the needles). I love She-Oak so this was a real treat to see all throughout the valley below Baldwin's Bluff. You can see all the way up the hill to where you are going to end up and the soundtrack of my visit was a pleasant gurgling of the nearby brook that the path runs parallel to. Eventually you reach a point where the brook passes under the track and you get the only visual of flowing water on the trail.