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Baldwin's Bluff Serpentine National Park

Baldwin's Bluff

Serpentine National Park

Directions - Located in Serpentine National Park, Baldwin's Bluff is an hour's drive from Perth and is located off South Western Hwy. Follow the signs from the main road and beware of the opening/closing times for the gates. 

The Hike - In 2020 I've put aside some time to re-hike some old trails and give the pages a good refresh of photos that truly reflect the experience. As part of this I spent the morning hiking Kitty's Gorge with a side trip up to Baldwin's Bluff, totalling about 24km in the day. If you have the legs for it then it's a great combo and provides some extra perspective of the Serpentine River Valley that you wouldn't get just hiking Kitty's Gorge on it's own. With a busy car park full of day trippers enjoying Serpentine Falls, I avoided the crowds and discreetly made my way to the start point of trail, located on the south eastern side of the day use area. I wasn't alone as a couple of guys also started at the same time and being a warm day I was intrigued by the outfit choice of one (basically a thick tracksuit).