Bald Head Walk Trail Albany

Bald Head Walk Trail

Torndirrup National Park

Directions - From the centre of Albany take Frenchman Bay Rd into Torndirrup National Park until you reach Salmon Hole Rd. Take a right here and then take a left onto Murray Rd. The trail starts at the top of a gravel road that comes off Murray Rd (it is well signposted), where you'll find a small car park.

2022 Update - The trail is undergoing some upgrades to combat the erosion so will be closed from Feb-Aug 2022 (see here for more details). There are plenty of amazing trails in the Albany region, select your alternate hike by visiting this page


The Hike - One of the best day hikes in Western Australia, Bald Head is a trail that I first hiked way back in 2015 when it was only known to locals and the only information you could find online was a short write up with a couple of photos. Fast forward to late 2020 and thanks to the rise of Instagram, an increase in popularity of hiking and a travel ban forcing many people to explore their own backyards, Bald Head is a mainstay on a lot of the WA tourism accounts. Over the years my original page for this hike has received a bit of traffic as it's well searched for online but as with most of my early posts, it didn't have a lot of depth and the photos really only showcased the first half of the hike.