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Wardanup Trail Yallingup

Wardanup Trail

Leeuwin-naturaliste National Park

Directions - Located east of Yallingup, to reach the start of the Wardanup Trail take Yallingup Beach Road out of town, continuing straight as it turns into Caves Road. Turn left onto Yallingup Caves Road when you see the signs for Ngilgi Cave, parking in one of the many car parks for the visitor cave. The trail head is located outside the main building, with the trail heading WNW (left) as you face the building.

The Hike - Yallingup is home to three trails that feed off the Cape to Cape Track and provide easily walked loops for those looking for something a bit easier than the week long trek. Having completed the Quenda Trail earlier in the day, I had my eyes set on the Wardanup Trail to finish off this action packed four trail day that started in Augusta. Starting at Ngilgi Cave, I arrived to find not a lot of room to park but being school holidays, this was no surprise.