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Mount Franklin Daylesford

Mount Franklin


Directions - From the centre of Daylesford, take Raglan St east until you reach the turn for Midlands Hwy. Follow this until you see the signs for Mount Franklin. The start of the walk is inside the camping grounds on the western side. 

The Hike - With a few walks already under the belt and a very short trip to Daylesford over the Christmas holidays, I was quite content to have a quiet final morning before our flight home that evening. Caris had other plans as she had yet to be taken out in Uncle Hal's Jag and suggested we visit the nearby Mount Franklin for a hike (yes, Caris suggested a hike). Her mother had previously done the walk up to the summit and said it was worthwhile so we decided to head there early and tackle it before breakfast. When Caris' Aunt Candy had heard we were going she gave us a rather sombre history lesson about the area and how it evolved over the years.