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Collie to Balingup on the Bibbulmun Track

Collie to Balingup

Bibbulmun Track




2-4 Days



Date Hiked

September 2018




3 Total



Traditional Custodians

Kaniyang & Bibbulman People 

Taking in the Jarrah forests between Collie and Balingup, this section introduces you to the first of the farmland that is synonymous with the South West of WA. Visiting in spring will give you ample opportunity to view carpets of wildflowers, spot intricate orchids and walk along ephemeral streams. While not often mentioned as one of the "wow" sections of the track, this four day walk has it's own charms and walked at the right time of year, it can be a wonderful experience. 

Collie to Yabberup

Length - 19.4km

Vertical Climb - 449m

Leaving Collie, you head along the spur trail and walk south through the Jarrah Forest, crossing the Collie River before making your way to Yabberup Campsite. 

Collie River on the Bibbulmun Track
Orchid on the Bibbulmun Track
Jarrah Forest near Collie on the Bibbulmun Track
Bibbulmun Track Sign at Mumbalup Pub
Preston National Park on the Bibbulmun Track
Glen Mervyn Dam on the Bibbulmun Track

Yabberup to Noggerup

Length - 20.0km

Vertical Climb - 427m

A day full of variety as you pass Glen Mervyn Dam and the famous Mumby Pub and then up the hill towards Preston National Park and Noggerup Campsite. 

Noggerup to Grimwade

Length - 22.3km

Vertical Climb - 563m

A day spent entirely in the forest, this meander through the heart of Jarrah country is a meditative experience as you walk past sections of old growth. 

Jarrah Forest on the Bibbulmun Track
Holly Flame Pea on the Bibbulmun Track
Babbling Brook on the Bibbulmun Track
Balingup Brook on the Bibbulmun Track
Cowslip Orchids on the Bibbulmun Track
Jarrah Forest near Balingup

Grimwade to Balingup

Length - 23.0km

Vertical Climb - 405m

Another full day of hiking as you walk through a mix of forest, farmland, plantations and finish by walking along Balingup Brook into this cosy little town.

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