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Harewood Forest Walk Denmark

Harewood Forest Walk


Directions - From the centre of Denmark find Horsley Road and take this north until the roundabout. Turn right onto Scotsdale Road and follow this all the way to the start of the walk where you'll find a little car park and noticeable signs for Harewood Forest.


The Hike - I'm no stranger to small walks and really enjoy a good meditative meander through a quality bit of forest or along a body of water. With my south west road trip starting to hit it's stride, this day would be a travel day between Walpole and Albany, taking in a couple of hikes around the Denmark area. Waking up in my tent at Mt Clare, it was a quick pack-up of my wet gear and into the car for the short drive to Walpole for a spot of breakfast. I was quite keen to check out the new café in town and Banksia Café didn't disappoint with a modern feel and plenty of appetising options. I ended up selecting a mushroom dish and washed it down with a flat white, a pretty good way to start the day in my opinion.