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Lewis Road Walk

Mundy Regional Park

Directions - Starting at the end of Lewis Rd (fancy that), it can be found by taking the first left after the intersection of Welshpool Rd East and Tonkin Hwy if you are travelling east on Welshpool Rd East. The gravel car park is at the end of Lewis Rd and the trail starts to the left of the car park.

The Hike - After completing two of the hikes planned for the second (Lake Leschenaultia and Whistlepipe Gully), we moved on to the penultimate trail of the day in what was turning out to be a really fun day. Very poor planning meant we had actually visited the Lewis Rd car park on the Whistlepipe Gully hike (it's at the bottom of the hill) but to get there from the car par at the top meant driving out through Lesmurdie, along Welshpool Rd East, down the hill and then backtrack along Lewis Rd (about 15 minutes in total). Finally arriving at the car park we had a laugh at the stupidity of it all and set about finding the start of the trail. Starting to the left of the car park along a 4x4 track that was a little bit flooded, you cross Whistlepipe Gully as it empties into the suburbs below and then begin the first and biggest climb of the hike.