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No Tree Hill in Fitzgerald River National Park

No Tree Hill

Fitzgerald River National Park

Directions - Access to No Tree Hill is via John Forrest Rd that comes off Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Rd. The gravel road turns into a sandy 4x4 track just after you enter the national park. This track is not suitable for 2wd cars and should only be attempted by those confident in driving on soft sand. 

The Hike - With an amazing hike the previous day taking in East Mount Barren it was time to move on once again and say goodbye to Fitzgerald River National Park. Before leaving though I had scheduled one last hike to enjoy a different side to the park and to take in a slightly longer trail that didn't involve a lot of climbing (sort of). Packing up our gear we loaded Newt up again and exited the park towards Hopetoun, crossing the lovely Culham Inlet once again before locating John Forrest Rd.