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West Terrace Walk

West Terrace Walk

Mundy Regional Park

Directions - Getting there is pretty simple, from Roe Hwy take Kalamunda Road east towards the hills and turn onto West Terrace. Follow this until the end where you will find a gravel car park near the big concrete water tank.

The Hike - Over the past couple of years I've been exploring different areas so the stream of Perth trails being added to the website was very slow. With the Bibbulmun Track now completed and all of those posts now finished, I said that 2020 would be the year I focus more on Perth, whether it be enjoying favourite hikes or adding new ones to the website. After another long summer that seemed to drag on forever (the last few autumns have felt that way), I was looking forward to the cooler weather to start exploring some of the Wandoo woodlands a bit further out from the Perth Hills but thanks to the COVID-19 lock down I had to look much closer to home (if you're reading this years in the future then remember that crazy time when the world shut down?).

With that in mind and a relatively cool afternoon weather wise forecast, I thought I would mix up the local walks with a new dog friendly trail that was right down the bottom of my priority list. One of the infamous Shire of Kalamunda walks that are responsible for a large percentage of the trails around Perth, the West Terrace Walk didn't seem super appealing given the other options I still hadn't hiked. My friend Bonny had done this hike in summer at sunset and thought it was an enjoyable way to experience the trail, so I thought if I was going to do it then sunset would also be the time I'd visit. Loading the car up with dogs and Caris, I figured it wouldn't be too busy and we could practice good physical distancing if we did see anyone because it would all be on 4x4 tracks. Locating the start point pretty easily, it was a very Perth Hills thing to find an old Commodore parked up with two scruffy looking gentlemen just sitting in the front seats just waiting for a mate. Leaving them to whatever they were doing out here we found the start point heading south and began the trail. Early autumn is a weird time for hiking some Perth trails, especially ones near built-up areas as the influence of humans is more noticeable. What I mean by that is that the replacement of the natural undergrowth with grasses that go yellow over the summer can have a dramatic affect on the look of an area when things are a little dry.


To start with this is kept at a minimum as there is a healthy smattering of Balgas and the occasional golden barked Wandoo along the 4x4 track. I was intrigued by some granite located up the hill and was hoping the trail went near it but wasn't holding my breath. A feature of this walk that is apparent early on is the city views you'll experience throughout your time here. While it fun to see the Perth CBD in the distance, I've never really understood the fascination with the views of the Perth Coastal Plain as it's just a reminder of the urban sprawl that Perth is known for and closer to the hills all you can see are horrible looking industrial parks. Give me endless forests or ocean any day of the week over this. Reaching a junction in the trail, the blue markers pointed us down a very rutted and steep 4x4 track that Caris did not enjoy because of the slippery-ness of the gravel. The dryness of the area is more apparent here with lots of grass bordering the trail but I'm a look for the positive person when out hiking so was loving the colours of the Wandoo trunks and seeing patches of green further off trail. At the bottom of the hill you find what would be a creek in the wetter months of the year but was just a channel craved into the side of the hill on our visit.