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Walpole to Denmark section of the Bibbumlun Track

Walpole to Denmark

Bibbulmun Track




5-7 Days



Date Hiked

August-September 2019




5 Total + 1 Town



Traditional Custodians

Minang People 

A remarkable section of the Bibbulmun Track that sees you explore the ancient Tingle Forest that is home to some of the biggest trees in the world and the famous Tree Top Walk. After two days in the forest you head towards the coast where you'll traverse the stunning limestone cliffs and walk on pristine white sands.


Stretching out over several days, there are inlet crossings (including the canoe trip across the Irwin Inlet), the fish and chips of Peaceful Bay, wildflowers galore in spring and some fantastic campsites offering world class views. Finish with one of the most varied days on the whole track that includes dunes, beach, coastal heath, farmland, a climb up Mount Hallowell, Karri forest, Jarrah forest and a walk along the Wilson Inlet before finishing at the Denmark River. A truly amazing section, this is one of the most talked about experiences of the whole track.  

Walpole to Frankland River

Length - 19.2km

Vertical Climb - 437m

Leaving the Nornalup Inlet, you head into the hills above Walpole where you will walk among giants with the Tingle Forest providing some amazing scenery.

Frankland River Campsite on the Bibbulmun Track
Walpole Inlet on the Bibbulmun Track
Tingle Forest on the Bibbulmun Track
Tree Top Walk on the Bibbulmun Track
Frankland River Crossing on the Bibbulmun Track
Bibbulmun Track near Walpole

Frankland River to Giants

Length - 16.8km

Vertical Climb - 508m

A day spent in the Tingle and Karri Forests, visit the Valley of the Giants where you can walk high in the canopy before heading into camp.

Giants to Rame Head

Length - 17.6km

Vertical Climb - 440m

Start out in towering forests before descending down towards Conspicuous Beach and finish with amazing views from the coastal cliffs.

Conspicuous Cliffs on the Bibbulmun Track
Pleated Princess Tingle on the Bibbulmun Track
Conspicuous Beach on the Bibbulmun Track
Coastline on the Bibbulmun Track near Peaceful Bay
Bee on a Wildflower on the Bibbulmun Track
Jetty at Peaceful Bay

Rame Head to Peaceful Bay

Length - 12.3km

Vertical Climb - 122m

Following the rugged coastline as it heads to Peaceful Bay, this is a short section that gives you more time to enjoy the little holiday hamlet and some fish and chips.

Peaceful Bay to Boat Harbour

Length - 24.1km

Vertical Climb - 401m

Explore the coastal heath leaving Peaceful Bay, enjoy the canoe crossing of the Irwin Inlet and finish with a variety of beaches into Boat Harbour.

Boat Harbour Campsite on the Bibbulmun Track
Irwin Inlet Canoe Crossing on the Bibbulmun Track
Bibbulmun Track Waugyl
Elephant Rocks on the Bibbulmun Track
Mazzoletti Beach on the Bibbulmun Track
Tower Hill on the Bibbulmun Track

Boat Harbour to William Bay

Length - 23.2km

Vertical Climb - 420m

With one of the longest beach sections of the whole track, explore the dunes and cliffs leading into Parry Beach before visiting the iconic Greens Pool.

William Bay to Denmark

Length - 21.0km

Vertical Climb - 312m

Heading through some great coastal scenery towards Lights Beach, turn inland and a return to the Karri Forests around Mount Hallowell as you enter Denmark.

Mount Hallowell on the Bibbulmun Track
Fairy Orchids on the Bibbulmun Track
Walpole to Denmark on the Bibbulmun Track

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