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Wardan Nara Bidi Rottnest Island

Wardan Nara Bidi

Rottnest Island

The Hike - During the summer months I tend to put the hiking boots away and concentrate on other things but with the opening of the Wadjemup Bidi in 2015, this doesn't always have to be the case. With a desire to get out and snorkel a bit more over the summer, plans were made with the Puma Bait Squad to head over to Rottnest Island for the day and take in the remaining walks on the Wadjemup Bidi that I had not had the pleasure of hiking yet. Having previously done the Ngank Yira Bidi and Gabbi Karniny Bidi on a visit last year, I was keen to explore the wilder western side of the island to see what was what. Taking advantage of the $39 Telethon Deal through Rottnest Express, we were at B Shed in Fremantle early on a Tuesday morning to begin our adventure. The forecast for the day was a chance of thunderstorms with strong winds but given this had been on the cards for a while, we weren't going to stay home for a bit of weather. Conditions when we left were a bit cloudy, which I don't mind as clouds add another interesting feature to the photos, and thankfully the wind wasn't too bad.