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Donnelly River to Pemberton on the Bibbulmun Track

Donnelly River to Pemberton

Bibbulmun Track


Donnelly River


3-5 Days



Date Hiked

June 2017




4 Total



Traditional Custodians

Bibbulman People 

With a bit of long service leave up my sleeve I decided to tackle one of the better sections of the Bibbulmun Track before heading off to Europe for a well earned vacation. Traversing through lush Karri forest for most of the 108km total, this section is a challenge but very rewarding for any hiker up to the five day adventure.  

Donnelly River to Tom Road

Length - 16.0km

Vertical Climb - 318m

Leaving idyllic Donnelly River behind and heading into the heartland of Karri country, this is the start of a wonderful section and one of the best campsites.

Tom Road Campsite
Fungi on the Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest near Donnelly River
Boarding House Bridge on the Bibbulmun Track
The Donnelly River on the Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest on the Bibbulmun Track

Tom Road to Boarding House

Length - 24.0km

Vertical Climb - 543m

A scenic day spent trundling alongside the Donnelly River and through some amazing Karri Forest, finishing with a walk over the gorgeous Boarding House Bridge.

Boarding House to Beavis

Length - 20.0km

Vertical Climb - 659m

Winding through the green tunnels of the Karri Forest, this is referred to as the Donnelly River Rollercoaster thanks to a lot of hills and valleys you must traverse. 

Beavis Campsite on the Bibbulmun Track
Red Mushroom on the Bibbulmun Track
Wirraway Bridge on the Bibbulmun Track
Beedelup Falls on the Bibbulmun Track
Lake Beedelup on the Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest on the Bibbulmun Track

Beavis to Beedelup

Length - 21.0km

Vertical Climb - 650m

Continuing through the Karri Forest, the last half of the day sees you arrive at Lake Beedelup and a visit to Beedelup Falls before reaching the campsite. 

Beedelup to Pemberton

Length - 24.0km

Vertical Climb - 600m

The last day of this section sees you cross some farmland before meandering through the forest on your way to Big Brook Dam and into the town of Pemberton.

Farmland near Pemberton on the Bibbulmun Track
Big Brook Dam on the Bibbulmun Track
Karri Forest on the Bibbulmun Track near Pemberton

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