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Sullivan Rock at Sunrise

Sullivan Rock to Monadnocks

Bibbulmun Track

Directions - The Sullivan Rock car park is an hour's drive from Perth and is located on the south side of Albany Highway about 9.5km past the turn-off for Jarrahdale Road. The trail starts at the red Bibbulmun Track sign on the north side of Albany Highway.

Note - Do not step on the moss at Sullivan Rock, it is extremely sensitive and will eventually disappear if everyone tramples all over it. Stick to the bare rock and Leave No Trace.


The Hike - Before I start I will confess that this is not the hike I intended to do when I arrived at the car park. The plan was to do Mount Cooke but a navigational error early in the trek meant we ended up heading north on the Bibbulmun Track instead of south-east but it turned out to be a fantastic day anyway. Joining me today was long time fan of The Life of Py, Philip, who had previously been keen to come out but is extremely time poor.