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Lake Chisholm Tarkine

Lake Chisholm


Directions - Located just under an hours drive east of Arthur River on the Tarkine Drive, take Temma Road south until you reach Rebecca Road, then turn left. Head inland as Rebecca Road becomes Blackwater Road and take the right turn at Kununnah Bridge to keep going along Sumac Road. Drive until you see the signposted turn-off for Lake Chisholm Road, take this and follow all the way to the end where you will find a small car park. 

The Hike - With a full day of exploring the Tarkine Drive on the cards, the second stop of the tour was at one of the many short walks on the loop, this one being Lake Chisholm. With a visit to the Julius River Walks already under our belt, this would be a continuation of the gentle walking but with a different flavour to it. Instead of walking through the temperature rainforest alongside a small river, we would be walk through temperate rainforest to a large sinkhole that has created a lake.