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Wadjemup Bidi

A Guide to Rottnest Island

Wadjemup or Rottnest Island is a summer playground located 20km off the coast from Perth and has recently had a new network of walking trails added to it, along with some great snorkeling sites that provide access to some beautiful coral reef. With plenty of history to explore, an inland lake system that is home to a vibrant assortment of birds and a vast array of pristine beaches to relax on, the best way to see the island is by foot, bringing along the snorkeling gear to take full advantage of this island paradise.


With plenty of options to explore, pack your snorkeling gear, hiking shoes and a towel for an excellent island adventure. Click on each hike and snorkel to see more photos and a description about what to expect.

Getting There - There are two main ferry options to take you to Rottnest with Rottnest Express and SeaLink providing a service leaving from Fremantle and Perth. 

Getting Around - Rottnest has a loop road linking up the main parts of the island with a bus running frequently during the day. This is useful to reach the start of some of the hikes or to return to the main settlement after finishing. Another popular transport option is by bike, whether you bring your own on the ferry or hire one from the ferry provider. This is a scenic way to see the island (although the walking trails show you much more) and a good option if you use the trails to create your own loop.

Food and Drink - The main settlement is where you will find the best food and drink options with the famous Rottnest Bakery, Rottnest Hotel and a raft of food options in the main mall. Outside of the main settlement the only places that sells food and drink is Geordies Cafe at Geordie Bay and Pinky's Beach Club near Bathurst Lighthouse.

Accommodation - There is a range of accommodation options on Rottnest Island ranging from campgrounds to holiday homes to something a bit more upmarket. For a full guide check out this page

Hiking Trails on Rottnest

Hiking on Rottnest Island

Gabbi Karniny Bidi

Length - 9.6km 

Vertical Climb - 114m 

Time - 2-4 Hours 

Exploring the ecologically important inland lake system on Rottnest Island and then taking you back to the main settlement via the coastline, this is one of the best walks on the island.

Walk Trails on Rottnest Island

Karlinyah Bidi

Length - 5.9km 

Vertical Climb - 99m 

Time - 2-3 Hours 

Taking you along the best beaches on the island as you explore the northern side of Rottnest, this walk also provides some cool hidden spaces to escape the crowds.

Hiking Trails on Rottnest Island

Ngank Wen Bidi

Length - 8.3km 

Vertical Climb - 113m 

Time - 2-3 Hours 

Exploring the wilder western side of the island, walk along limestone cliffs, stare out over the expanse of the Indian Ocean and even pass the local seal colony.

Hiking Trails on Rottnest Island

Ngank Yira Bidi

Length - 9.4km 

Vertical Climb - 120m 

Time - 2-4 Hours 

Linking up the main settlement and the gun battery at Oliver Hill, this walk explores the WWII history of the island along with exploring some great beaches and snorkel sites.

Walk Trails on Rottnest Island

Wardan NAra Bidi

Length - 9.5km 

Vertical Climb - 117m 

Time - 2-4 Hours 

Bring the snorkel gear on this one, as the Wardan Nara Bidi heads past three fantastic areas to explore the coral reef system surrounding the island, along with just being a nice way to see the island.

Snorkeling Sites on Rottnest

Snorkeling on Rottnest Island

Henrietta Rocks

Length - 500m 

Depth - 1-3m 

Time - 30 Mins 

Explore the shipwreck of the Shark, an old barge located just offshore at the limestone reef of Henrietta Rocks. A fun little spot with plenty of fish that is great for beginners.

Best Snorkeling Spots on Rottnest Island

Little Salmon Bay

Length - 700m 

Depth - 1-5m 

Time - 1 Hour

Protected by the outer reef, the snorkeling at Little Salmon Bay is great for beginners looking for an accessible spot to enjoy. One of the most popular sites on the island, get here early to avoid the crowds.

Snorkeling on Rottnest Island

Parker Point Snorkel Trail

Length - 800m 

Depth - 1-5m 

Time - 1 Hour

The Parker Point Snorkel Trail is a nice protected spot to explore with the shallow sea grasses and reef system being home to plenty of cool marine life and reef formations.

Snorkeling on Rottnest Island

Salmon Bay

Length - 700m 

Depth - 1-4m 

Time - 1 Hour

One of the more popular beaches on Rottnest, the shallow waters at Salmon Bay also provide a great opportunity to explore the underwater limestone formations that extend out into the bay.

Where to snorkel on Rottnest

The Basin

Length - 600m 

Depth - 1-5m 

Time - 30-45 Mins

Located a short walk from the main settlement is a great spot to have a swim, put the flippers on to explore the nearby reef or just try and escape the afternoon sea breeze.

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