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Lake Brockman to Yarri

Munda Biddi Trail


Lake Brockman


3-5 Hours


Yarri Hut

Date Ridden

25th August 2021





Traditional Custodians

Kaniyang People

The Ride - With a few of the longer days we would ride on the whole trip, today would mark the start of a pretty leisurely stretch of 40-50km days. Staying in one of the cabins at the Lake Brockman Tourist Park, we had a decision to make with regards to breakfast, either have something in the cabin and leave early or wait until the cafe opened at 9am. It was a fairly easy decision to try and sleep in, have a cruisy morning and then wander down for a cooked breakfast. Being a holiday park we weren't expecting gourmet meals and the eggs on toast was better than a Clif Bar. I did have a laugh that I was charged $4.50 for the same Twinnings Earl Grey tea that I had brought along with me on the trip (and brewed earlier in the cabin).