Central Victorian Day Hikes

The Central Highlands of Victoria is full of history, buzzing towns and a lot of nice hiking. I've been lucky to visit a few times over the years and I've only just scratched the surface of what is here.

Below is a list of hikes I've done in the area, mainly based out of Daylesford but each time I return there will be more hikes added. 

Click on each page for more information including a zoomable map, plenty of photos and a description of what to expect.

Length - 2.8km (Loop)

Time - 1 hour

Vertical Climb - 43m

Highlights - Lake Daylesford, Swimming

Length - 10.7km (Figure 8)

Time - 3-5 hours

Vertical Climb - 371m

Highlights - Mount Alexander, Views

Length - 1.9km (Loop)

Time - 1 hour

Vertical Climb - 50m

Highlights - Extinct Volcano, Pine Forest

Length - 1.8km (Loop)

Time - 1 hour

Vertical Climb - 42m

Highlights - Sailors Falls, Mineral Springs

Length - 17.6km (One Way)

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 383m

Highlights - Local Springs, Historic Finds

Length - 7.6km (Loop)

Time - 2-3 hours

Vertical Climb - 293m

Highlights - Werribee River, Great Views

Length - 1.6km (Loop)

Time - 1 hour

Vertical Climb - 55m

Highlights - Gardens, Viewing Tower