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Kurliiny Tjenangitj Trail

Wellington National Park

Directions - Located near Collie, take Coalfields Highway from South Western Highway heading east and turn right onto Wellington Dam Road when you see the signs for the park. Take a right turn onto River Road to reach Honeymoon Pool and follow it all the way to the car park for the popular camping spot. The trail initially follows the markers for the Jabitj Trail heading upstream from Honeymoon Pool.

The Hike - One of the best places to get out and explore the vast Jarrah Forests near Collie, Wellington National Park has a range of hiking and mountain bike trails that thanks to recent investment, is expanding over the next few years. Having visited a few times over the years to hike the Sika Trail, Jabitj Trail and the first part of the Wiilman Bilya, along with riding through on the Munda Biddi in 2021, there was one trail that I kept meaning to come back and visit, the Kurliiny Tjenangitj Trail.