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Bluff Knoll Stirling Range National Park

Bluff Knoll | Bular Mial

Stirling Range National Park

Directions - Getting there is pretty simple, from Albany just follow the signs north from town and get onto Chester Pass Rd. Keep driving for about 100kms until you see the sign for Bluff Knoll that are past Moingup Spring Campsite. 

The Hike - This is the big one, both literally and figuratively. At 1095m above sea level, Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the South West but thankfully still accessible for the average person. The 3km hike to the summit is a challenging but rewarding way to spend a few hours and has been attracting visitors to the area for decades. As Bluff Knoll is in the Stirling Range National Park, an entry fee does apply (unless you have already bought a day pass at Castle Rock like I did). The pay station is to the left after you turn off Chester Pass Rd and once you have paid then drive the 6-7km up to the car park.