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Orchid Walk Trail Quinninup

Orchid Walk Trail


The Hike - With two Quinninup hikes already completed, there was only one left to do - the Orchid Trail. The weather in the afternoon was threatening to turn nasty so we quickly headed out after my hike around the King Karri Trail and drove out to the Orchid Walk Trail, a 4km loop on 4x4 tracks through the forest. The trail gets its name from the variety of orchids that call this part of Quinninup home. As it had only just turned to winter there was only a small hint of the upcoming explosion of wildflowers. Entry to the trail is off Karri Lake Rd just past Rainbow Trout Retreat but be warned, there is not a proper parking area nearby. We parked on the side of the road on a small gravel patch but be mindful as the land either side of the road is private property. Keep an eye out for the signs leading to both the Karri Lake Trail and the Orchid Walk.