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Best hiking Trails near albany

Located on the South Coast of Western Australia, Albany is home to some of the best hiking trails in the state and will leave you in awe of the variety of scenery on offer. You want mountains, go explore some mountains. Feel like the beach then find your feet gracing endless pristine white floors of perfection. Ancient forests, staring into the wild abyss of the Southern Ocean, urban walks exploring the town's rich history, gentle wildflower filled river walks and so much more awaits you just 450km south of Perth. 

There are so many reasons to consider spending a week or two exploring this piece of hiking paradise nestled on the rugged south coast of Western Australia. With so many different experiences, take a look at the map and choose your own adventure. Besides the occasional day or two over 30 degrees, Albany is perfect all year round provided you don't mind a bit of rain.

Torndirrup National Park
Explore the Wild Coast

Best Hikes near Albany

Bald Head Walk Trail

Length - 12.4km 

Vertical Climb - 559m 

Time - 4-7 Hours

One of the best day hikes in WA, the Bald Head Walk Trail takes you on a journey to the edge of the Flinders Peninsula where you will find plenty of stunning views.

Best Walk Trails near Albany

Peak Head Walk Trail

Length - 4.4km 

Vertical Climb - 219m 

Time - 1-2 Hours

One of the best spots to watch the sunrise and sunset from Albany, enjoy a hike down and then up to the amazing granite dome of Peak Head, this trail won't disappoint.

Best Beach Walks near Albany

Point Possession Walk Trail

Length - 5.0km 

Vertical Climb - 164m 

Time - 1-2 Hours

This stunning hike gives you a feeling of isolation despite being a stones throw away from the centre of Albany. Explore granite domes and empty beaches on this lovely trail.

City Walks
History, Hills and Views

Walks along King George Sound in Albany

Ellen Cove to Albany Port

Length - 6.1km 

Vertical Climb - 125m 

Time - 2-3 Hours

Showcasing the stunning views along the edge of King George Sound, there is plenty of history to explore including the ruins of the Point King Lighthouse as you walk from Middleton Beach to the centre of Albany.

Lake Walks near Albany

Lake Seppings

Length - 2.9km 

Vertical Climb - Flat

Time - 1 Hour

A haven for bird life, this 2.9km loop trail close to Middleton Beach is a fantastic way to experience the great variety of birds that call this place home, along with wildflowers in spring.

Walk Trails near the centre of Albany

Mount Adelaide Nature Trail

Length - 2.2km 

Vertical Climb - 37m

Time - 1 Hour

Taking in the National Anzac Centre and the historic features around Mount Adelaide, this is a great addition to any visit to the area, with the short walk trail providing excellent views.

Walk Trails near Albany Western Australia

Mount Clarence Heritage Trail

Length - 3.2km 

Vertical Climb - 125m

Time - 1 Hour

One of the highest points near the centre of Albany, take an extended walk around the granite dome and forests of Mount Clarence after a visit to the Desert Corps War Memorial.

Lookout Walks near Albany

Mount Melville Circuit Trail

Length - 4.3km 

Vertical Climb - 137m

Time - 1 Hour

One of the best vantage points to gaze out over Albany and the harbour, Mount Melville is a really fun place to explore with plenty of granite boulders to explore.

The Eastern Shores
Rivers, Wildflowers and Beaches

Best Coastal Walks near Albany

Baie des Deux Peuples Heritage Trail

Length - 6.0km 

Vertical Climb - 114m

Time - 2-3 Hours

One of the best hiking trails in Albany, the Two Peoples Bay Heritage Trail offers up some stunning coastal scenery and a couple of the best beaches you'll ever visit.

River Walks near Albany

Luke Pen Walk

Length - 11.3km 

Vertical Climb - 138m

Time - 3-4 Hours

A wildflower filled delight exploring the banks of the Kalgan River, the Luke Pen Walk is a relaxing walk with history, farmland and wildflower filled forest to explore.

Wildflowers Walks near Albany

Mount Martin Botanical reserve

Length - 12.2km 

Vertical Climb - 441m

Time - 3-5 Hours

With stunning views overlooking King George Sound, Albany and Oyster Harbour, Mount Martin in Gull Rock National Park is also home to a fantastic collection of wildflowers.

Bibbulmun Track
Wind Farms and the Southern Terminus

Bibbulmun Track near Albany

Denmark to Albany

Length - 82.0km 

Vertical Climb - 2600m

Time - 3-6 Days

The final town to town section of the 1000km Bibbulmun Track, explore the coastal cliffs and dune system as you head into Albany and finish at the recently updated Southern Terminus.

The Porongurups
Ancient Forests and Timeless Views

Best Hikes in the Porongurups

Castle Rock Granite Skywalk

Length - 4.4km 

Vertical Climb - 269m

Time - 1-2 Hours

Perched up on the granite boulders of Castle Rock is a stainless steel skywalk. Hike up through the stunning Karri Forest to reach it and finish with some unique views.

Best Hiking Trails near Albany

Nancy Peak | Devils Slide

Length - 6.4km 

Vertical Climb - 447m

Time - 2-3 Hours

Exploring the granite peaks of the Porongurups, this is a magical place with some amazing scenes. With decent climbs, the reward for effort makes this a must hike.

Wildflower Walks near Albany

Twin Creeks reserve

Length - 7.9km 

Vertical Climb - 112m

Time - 2-4 Hours

Twin Creeks Reserve is a rehabilitated piece of land that showcases some stunning wildflowers and orchids, along with some different types of vegetation once found all over this area.

Short walks in the Porongurups

Walitj Meil Walk Trail

Length - 1.0km 

Vertical Climb - 38m

Time - 30 Mins

A short interpretive walk around the Karri Forest at the base of the Porongurups, learn about the local flora, fauna culture and everything that makes this area so special.

Stirling Range National Park
Lose Yourself in the Mountains

Stirling Range National Park near Albany

Hiking the Stirling Range

Hikes - Bluff Knoll, Mount Hassell, Mount Magog, Mount Trio, Stirling Ridge Walk, Talyuberlup Peak, Toolbrunup Peak.


The highest area in the South West, the Stirling Range is a collection of peaks that leave all in awe and provide some excellent hiking options for any visit to Albany.

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