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Deep Gorge Murujuga National Park

Deep Gorge

Murujuga National Park

Directions - Located 30 minutes west of Karratha, Deep Gorge is located within Murujuga National Park. From the centre of town, take the Dampier Hwy west until you reach Burrup Rd. Follow Burrup Rd for 6km then follow the signs at the Hearson Cove Rd turnoff for Deep Gorge and Hearson Cove. 

The Hike - With an invitation to participate in a special Parks and Wildlife project in the Pilbara, I was afforded an opportunity to explore this amazing part of the world that I couldn't say no to. Teaming up with Project Officer Ben for the week and a half long trip, we would be travelling to the national parks of the Pilbara on our duties and I had been given permission to sneak in some blog posts. Meeting at the airport for a very early 6am flight up to Karratha, we both cut it a little fine with the timing but that didn't end up mattering as our flight was delayed when they couldn't close the airplane door (kind of critical).