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Lions Lookout Lesmurdie

Lions Lookout Walk Trail

Korung National Park

Directions - Lions Lookout is located just off Welshpool Road East as you drive up into the Lesmurdie Area. From Roe Highway, take the Welshpool Road East turn off and drive east as you start to ascend. The right turn for Lions Lookout is between the Crystal Brook Road turn and the BP Service Station and the walk trail starts on the southern side of the car park. 

The Hike - Continuing a bit of a theme for my hiking in 2022, I have been strategically targeting certain trails to refresh the pictures and provide a new perspective on old favourites. Lions Lookout wasn't on the initial list when I started planning out my to-hike list for the hiking season during the summer but with the old page (that you can view here) lacking detail and not truly showcasing the trail very well, I decided to pay it a visit when dropping off some postcards to the Trails Hub Café at the old Kalamunda Camel Farm (you can purchase one of the six designs there if you're interested).