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Sepucralis Hill

Sepulcralis Hill

Fitzgerald River National Park

Directions - Located in the eastern part of Fitzgerald River National Park, access is via Ravensthorpe-Hopetoun Rd to the turnoff for Hamersley Drive that will take you into the park. Hamersley Drive is paved all the way past West Beach but turns into a gravel road as you head north. The road is corrugated at times and the car park is located on the eastern side of the road (well marked). The park can be subject to flooding during the wetter times of the year so please check with Parks and Wildlife before planning a visit.

The Hike - After exploring Point Ann and West Mount Barren in the previous two days it was time to move to the eastern side of Fitzgerald River National Park and experience what this section of the park had to offer. There is no direct drive from the western side to the eastern side so that meant backtracking a little bit and taking South Coast Hwy up and around the northern boundary. We stopped in at Jerramungup for an early lunch before making our way to Ravensthorpe for a look around including having a close up view of the famous painted silos you find as you enter town.