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Victoria Dam

Victoria Reservoir Trail

Korung National Park

Directions - Getting out there is very simple - turn off Roe Highway onto Welshpool Rd and follow it all the way up the hill to its end point at Canning Rd. Turn right onto Canning Rd and soon you will find Mason Mill Rd, a short loop that connects back up to Canning Rd. 

The Hike Victoria Reservoir was one of the early hikes I did for the website and the page always looked a little sad because the photos weren't very good and there weren't many of them. You can check out the old post here if you want to see what it looked like on an overcast day in May 2015. As the website evolved and I've changed the way I approach these posts, I always had plans to come back and re-shoot this one. With this area water and wildflower dependant to get it looking top notch, I had decided to wait until winter or spring to return. With a free slot in my calendar I headed out to the area wanting to capture this trail again plus another of the Shire of Kalamunda walks if time permitted.