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Port Douglas Adventures

Located on the coastline of Tropical North Queensland, Port Douglas is a famous holiday destination for visitors from all over the world. Providing access to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef, there is plenty to enjoy about this charming seaside town. 

Visiting in July of 2023, below are links to the various fun activities that I got up to on a family holiday. 

This page will eventually fill out, when I return to Queensland for more adventures in different parts of the state.

Walks in Daintree National Park

Dubuji Boardwalk
Daintree National Park

Length - 1.3km 

Time - 30 Mins

Another fantastic little walk through the mangrove swamps and tropical rainforest of the Daintree National Park. Explore seasonal creeks and a tangled mess of trees, vines and fungi as you meander along under the thick canopy above.

Walks near Port Douglas

Flagstaff Hill Walk
Port Douglas

Length - 3.2km 

Time - 1 Hour

One of the most popular activities to do in the heart of Port Douglas, the walk to the top of Flagstaff Hill provides excellent views over Four Mile Beach and the Coral Sea. A fantastic way to get your bearings around town, it also includes one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

Kulki Walk-33.jpg

Kulki Boardwalk
Daintree National Park

Length - 700m 

Time - 15 Mins

A short but varied walk near Cape Tribulation that provides a nice introduction to Daintree National Park. Walk past mangrove flats, along a wheelchair friendly path to the Kulki Lookout, where you'll get great views over the ocean and surrounding rainforest.

Short Walks in Daintree National Park

Madja Boardwalk
Daintree National Park

Length - 1.1km 

Time - 30 Mins

Explore the stunning mangrove systems and tropical rainforests of the Madja Boardwalk, where you will see a great variety of life that thrives on the banks of Oliver and Noah Creeks. One of the best short walks in the area, this is a must visit attraction in the Daintree.

Manjal Jimalji Trail Devils Thumb

Manjal Jimalji Trail | Devils Thumb
Daintree National Park

Length - 10.6km 

Time - 4-8 Hours

A challenging climb through the tropical rainforest in Daintree National Park, on a clear day you can see across the Coral Sea and down to the coastline around Port Douglas. A fantastic hike for those with the right fitness, there is plenty to see as you ascend up the mountain.

Mossman Gorge-65.jpg

Mossman Gorge
Daintree National Park

Length - 4.4km 

Time - 1-2 Hours

One of the most popular destinations around Port Douglas and Mossman, this is definitely worth visiting. With a few options depending on your fitness level, the longer 4.4 kilometre hike explores the Mossman River and stunning tropical rainforest.

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef
Port Douglas

Time - All Day Tour

One cannot visit Port Douglas without going on a tour of the nearby Great Barrier Reef. An Australian icon, we picked a Wavelength tour and spent the whole day exploring various reef sites on this highly enjoyable tour. There are plenty of operators to choose from depending on your budget.

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