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Honeyeater Hike

Bungendore Park

Directions - Located 45 minutes south east of Perth, take Albany Highway until you reach Armadale. Continue along the highway up into the hills until you reach Admiral Road. Take a right here and follow it until you see the entrance for Bungendore Park. Drive into the gravel car park where you will find plenty of room, the trail head is found a short distance along the vehicle track leading into the park. 

The Hike - Bungendore Park is a place I've often thought about visiting but for whatever reason, never fully researched a trip here. Located on the outskirts of Armadale, I had a really pleasant experience exploring the nearby hills and valleys of Wungong Gorge a few years ago so really this should have been a destination I had visited much earlier. I think I had been saving it for when I was beginning to run out of trails to do and given the lack of new Perth trails I've added to site in the past year, I've reached that point. With a few hours free on the cusp of a Perth winter, I decided today was the day to finally get out to Bungendore Park to see what was what.