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Wandering in the Wilderness

A small but idyllic town set on the Walpole Inlet and surrounded by natural beauty, Walpole is a great place to enjoy a holiday if you love nature and trails.

With a great variety of scenery dotted around what is known as the Walpole Wilderness, you can explore granite domes, majestic Tingle Forests, shallow inlets, winding rivers and open plains. 

There is something for everyone to enjoy around Walpole, from family friendly activities like Valley of the Giants and the Swarbrick Art Loop, to those looking for more of an adventure on the Nuyts Wilderness Walk or Mount Frankland.

A remote treasure waiting to be discovered on the South Coast of Western Australia, you won't regret spending a few days wandering the Walpole Wilderness. 


Check out the range of hiking and tourist friendly trails near Walpole by scrolling down to the trail list, along with the sections of the Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail leading in and out of town.

Day Hikes in the Walpole Wilderness

Short Walks near Walpole

Circular Pool Walk

Length - 600m 

Vertical Climb - 18m

Time - 30 Mins

A short walk along the edge of the Frankland River, explore the wildflower filled forest, before walking down to Circular Pool to admire the swirling waters at one of the deepest parts of the river.

Hiking Trails near Walpole

Deep River Walk Trail

Length - 4.8km 

Vertical Climb - 207m

Time - 1-2 Hours

Utilising a section of the Bibbulmun Track, take a gentle stroll through the unique Tingle Forest up to Mount Clare, before descending down to the Deep River, basking in the giant Karri Forest as you head back up the hill.

Short Hikes near Walpole

Fernhook Falls

Length - 1.0km 

Vertical Climb - 26m

Time - 30 Mins

A popular campsite along the banks of the Deep River in Mount Frankland South National Park, the short walk trail exploring Fernhook Falls and Rowell's Pool is the best way to see the area.

Tourist Walks near Walpole

Giant Tingle Tree Walk

Length - 1.0km 

Vertical Climb - 20m

Time - 30 Mins

Showcasing the beautiful Tingle Forest that only grows in a small area around Walpole, get up close to the hollowed out remains of one of the girthiest trees on Earth at the Giant Tingle Tree Walk.

Wildflower Walks near Walpole

Mount Burnett

Length - 1.2km 

Vertical Climb - 47m

Time - 1 Hour

If you love wildflowers and orchids, then a wander around Mount Burnett will be right up your alley. Meander around this little oasis, exploring the forest to see how many different species you can find.

Mountain Hikes near Walpole

Mount Frankland

Length - 2.5km 

Vertical Climb - 116m

Time - 1 Hour

The best spot near Walpole to get stunning views of the surrounding landscape, walk around the base of Mount Frankland before climbing up to the summit for 360 degree views of the Walpole Wilderness.

Day Hikes near Walpole

Mount Pingerup

Length - 5.1km 

Vertical Climb - 169m

Time - 1-2 Hours

Traverse through the low lying plains that this area is known for, before climbing up one of the granite islands that is home to a pocket of lush Karri Forest, where you'll find all sorts of amazing flora.

Coastal Hikes near Walpole

Nuyts Wilderness Walk

Length - 16.3km 

Vertical Climb - 407m

Time - 4-6 Hours

Set out from the banks of the Deep River, buried in the Tingle and Karri Forest, and venture south towards the wild and stunning coastline, crossing wildflower filled heath full of colour in spring.

Art Walks near Walpole

Swarbrick Art Loop

Length - 700m 

Vertical Climb - Flat

Time - 15 Mins

An art exhibition in the forest, taking you along a winding path, with several installations designed to connect you with your natural surroundings. Don't miss the 30 metre long stainless steel mirror.

Tourist Walks near Walpole

Valley of the Giants

Length - 1.3km 

Vertical Climb - 40m

Time - 1 Hour

If you've heard of Walpole, it's probably because of the Tree Top Walk at Valley of the Giants. An amazing walk in the canopy of the Tingle Forest, there's plenty more to discover here and it's well worth a visit.

Bibbulmun Track
Coastline and Tingle Forest

Bibbulmun Track near Walpole

Long Point to Walpole

Length - 23.5km 

Vertical Climb - 508m

Time - 6-9 Hours

After spending a week walking from Northcliffe, through forests, along rivers and open plains, the walk into Walpole from the coastline is a memorable and varied day where you finally reach the majestic Tingle Forest.

Bibbulmun Track south of Walpole

Walpole to Frankland River

Length - 19.2km 

Vertical Climb - 437m

Time - 5-7 Hours

Leaving Walpole, explore the edge of the Nornalup Inlet, before climbing up into the hills above Walpole, and into the unique Tingle Forest. Camping along the mighty Frankland River, this is a stunning day of hiking. 

Munda Biddi Trail
Exploring the Hills

Munda Biddi Trail near Walpole

Kwokralup Beela to Walpole

Length - 30.7km 

Vertical Climb -507m

Time - 2-3 Hours

One of the easiest sections of the Munda Biddi, you leave the edge of the Frankland River and climb up one large hill to Swarbrick, before a long descent into Walpole.

Munda Biddi Trail near Walpole

Walpole to Booner Mundak

Length - 55.4km 

Vertical Climb - 1129m

Time - 4-7 Hours

A tough but rewarding day in the saddle, the ride out to Booner Mundak sees you climb up into the Tingle Forest to Valley of the Giants before descending down and enjoying some big sky country.

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