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Hiking in Litchfield National Park

Located just over an hour south of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Litchfield National Park is an accessible and adventure packed place to visit during the dry season. Explore waterfalls, swimming holes, monsoon forests, open plains, expansive cliffs and a classic outback landscape via the supply of walking trails, located just an hour away from the capital city.

There are a number of short walks within the park plus the two day, 39km Tabletop Track if you're after a longer hike. While I didn't get to all the walks in the park on my visit, I'm sure I'll be back for a return visit to finish them all.


To avoid the excessive heat it is best to visit during the Dry Season (May to October) and make sure you have adequate water for your walk along with good sun protection. 

Below is a guide to the hiking trails of Litchfield National Park, just click on each page for more information including a zoomable map, plenty of photos and a description of what to expect.

If you're an interstate or overseas visitor then make sure you buy an NT Parks Pass before visiting Litchfield National Park.

Hiking Trails in Litchfield National Park

Greenant Creek Walk

Length - 3.0km 

Vertical Climb - 63m

Time - 1 Hour

Taking you to one of many waterfalls located in Litchfield National Park, explore the monsoon forest before heading up the hill to the pool above Tjaetaba Falls.

Best Walks in Litchfield National Park

Lower Cascades Walk

Length - 2.7km 

Vertical Climb - 24m

Time - 1 Hour

Exploring the monsoon forests lining Cascades Creek, connect up some magical spots before finishing at Curtain Falls where you can enjoy a swim in the pool.

Waterfall Hikes in Litchfield National Park

Shady Creek Walk | Florence Falls

Length - 2.7km 

Vertical Climb - 24m

Time - 1 Hour

Taking you on a loop walk around the monsoon forest surrounding Florence Falls, this hike gives you a better taste of the landscape than just visiting the falls via the direct walk trail.

Best Hikes in Litchfield National Park

Tolmer Creek Walk

Length - 1.6km 

Vertical Climb - 35m

Time - 1 Hour

Providing a real appreciation of the size and beauty of Litchfield National Park, the Tolmer Creek Walk explores the high cliffs above Tolmer Creek with impressive views over the surrounding landscape.

Walk Trails in Litchfield National Park

Walker Creek Walk

Length - 4.5km 

Vertical Climb - 92m

Time - 1-2 Hours

Connecting the walkers only campsites along Walker Creek, this out and back trail has plenty of cool spots to stop and photograph rapids, wildlife and native flora.

Best Hikes in Litchfield National Park

Wangi Falls Walk

Length - 2.2km 

Vertical Climb - 81m

Time - 1 Hour

The popular drawcard of Litchfield National Park, Wangi Falls is a great place for a swim after you've hiked the loop trail that takes you up and over the top of the falls.

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