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Litchfield National Park

Hikes in Litchfield National Park

Located just over an hour south of Darwin in the Northern Territory, Litchfield is an accessible and adventure packed place to visit during the dry season. Explore waterfalls, swimming holes, monsoon forests, open plains, expansive cliffs and a classic outback landscape just an hour away from the capital city.

There are a number of short walks within the park plus the two day, 39km Tabletop Track if you're after a longer hike. While I didn't get to all the walks in the park on my visit, I'm sure I'll be back for a return visit to finish them all. For a list of the all the walks and a short description follow this link.


To avoid the excessive heat it is best to visit during the Dry Season (May to October) and make sure you have adequate water for your walk along with good sun protection. 

Click on each page for more information including a zoomable map, plenty of photos and a description of what to expect.

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