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Munda Biddi Trail near Jarrahdale

Wungong to Jarrahdale

Munda Biddi Trail


Wungong Hut


2-3 Hours



Date Ridden

22nd August 2021





Traditional Custodians

Wajuk People

2023 Update - This section has been completely realigned so Alcoa can continue to strip mine the forests around Jarrahdale unimpeded. The Balmoral Track no longer features as part of the Munda Biddi and you can view the realignment here

The Ride - With a lovely and a little bit tough start to day two on the Munda Biddi, I had left Aron to continue on towards Jarrahdale while I took the spur trail to check out Wungong Campsite. As I said in my previous post, this is a really nice location in the forest and I hope to come back one day to spend the night. After getting some extended solo riding under my belt between the Canning River and Gleneagle rest area, I was looking forward to some more while I caught up to Aron. With the time taken to get to Wungong making it almost impossible to reach Dandalup Campsite today, I was mentally prepared for an easy ride into Jarrahdale.

Transferring some water between my Sea to Summit water bladder to my water bottles and adding some Staminade powder, I gathered up my bike from the shelter and headed off down the same spur trail I came in on. On the way in I spotted a really nice sundew but decided it was best to photograph it on the way out so I didn't have to stop. The forest is really lush thanks to the creek running through here and it was a pleasure to saunter along taking it all in. Reaching the trail junction, I headed towards Jarrahdale on what would be a gentle incline for the next 12km or so. Riding along single trail, the excellent forest continues and it clicked that this was the spot where Donovan and I had our promotional shoot for Feed the Hike (use PY5 at checkout for a 5% discount). I remember it being a great section leading all the way to the crossing at Jarrahdale Road and this was true all the way from the trail junction to the road. Being summer on my last visit, it was great to see the area in late winter with wildflowers around and experience a much cooler riding temperature.


Reaching Jarrahdale Road, I loved seeing the wattle that is like a gateway on the edge of the trail. Crossing over, it was a funny thought that there was a very direct route to Jarrahdale by taking the tarmac but the Munda Biddi goes in a big semi-circle into town. I do not mind at all as it means more riding and much better scenery than passing cars so continued along the official route. Switching from single trail to wider vehicle track, this was an area I could put the jets on and make up some time on Aron. The increased speed on the relative flats was cancelled out by stopping a fair bit for photographs including a little wander around a creek crossing. This was fine with me as the solo riding was agreeing with me and I had all afternoon to catch up to my riding partner. I knew the vehicle tracks through here would take me towards roughly where Sullivan Rock was as the Munda Biddi meets up with the Balmoral Track that run from Jarrahdale to Sullivan Rock (one I will be doing in the future I think). It was nice to stretch the legs a bit when I wasn't stopping to photograph a wildflower or intriguing scene that caught my eye.