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Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

Welcome to the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, a four day, 45km luxury experience on the famous East Coast of Tasmania. Exploring the beaches and headlands of Mount William National Park, enjoy pristine, white sands along with the famous orange stained granite that this part of Tasmania is famous for. Run by the Tasmanian Walking Company, stay in a custom built environmentally aware lodge at the end of the final two day's hiking with knowledgeable guides providing a great experience.


This is a fantastic hike suitable for most people with gentle beach walking and a spot of kayaking on the third day (weather dependant). If you're looking for a relaxing, luxury four day hiking trip in one of the prettiest places in Tasmania then have a read through the posts to get inspired. 

Length - 11.4km (One Way)

Time - 4-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 117m

Highlights - Beach Walking, Forester Beach

Length - 15.7km (One Way)

Time - 5-8 hours

Vertical Climb - 170m

Highlights - Eddystone Lighthouse, BoF Lodge

Length - 14km (Return)

Time - 5-6 hours

Vertical Climb - 222m

Highlights - Ansons River, Ansons Bay

Length - 3.5km (One Way)

Time - 1 Hour

Vertical Climb - 77m

Highlights - Relaxing, Forest Walking

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