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South Coast Track Tasmania

South Coast Track

Southwest National Park

One of the most scenic multiday hikes you can do in Tasmania, the South Coast Track is a stunning trek through the pristine wilderness of Southwest National Park. Getting dropped off by light plane at Melaleuca (or catching one back to Hobart), this 6-8 day adventure explores buttongrass plains, wild beaches, temperature rainforest, mountain ranges, creek crossings and plenty of muddy tracks.


Originally cut as an escape track for shipwreck survivors, it has been repurposed for hikers to enjoy a much more relaxed experience. With plenty of excellent campsites along the way, this track will leave a lasting impression on anyone who tackles the challenge. It's not an easy hike with plenty of tough terrain but it's a rewarding experience. 

Getting There - See the Par Avion website for flight timetables. Flights range from $325pp and run every day of the year.

Campsites - There are multiple campsites along the track with the main campsites containing tent pads and a long drop toilet.

Water - There are no water tanks at the campsites. Water is collected at streams, creeks and rivers along the route and it is advised that you treat or boil water before drinking.

Guidebook - John Chapman has a popular guidebook to the South Coast Track with maps, elevation profiles, water locations and a general description of each section. Take his time indications with a grain of salt, we found them to be on the optimistic side and didn't include breaks or stops. 

Safety - Please be aware of the weather conditions before going out. there are river and creek crossings that can be dangerous after rains. Always carry a PLB and do not overestimate your abilities as the area is extremely remote and rescue is not an easy task

Below are links to a day by day account of my January 2023 hike with all the information and photos you'll need to help plan your own epic adventure. If you're following in real time then each section will get added as they are finished.